Harnessing Blockchain and AI for Sustainable Growth


Blockchain for Supply Chain Transparency and Traceability

Leverage blockchain technology to establish immutable and trustworthy farmer profiles that monitor transactions across the complete supply chain. Every step, from seed to offtake, is meticulously recorded via QR codes and stored on the public blockchain ledger.

This functions as a comprehensive record, enabling unbanked rural farmers to access institutional finance, thus catalyzing the expansion of their enterprises.

Technical Support

We provide access to support that enhances farmers productivity

Access to quality inputs

Seeds of superior quality sourced from trusted and traceable suppliers on credit

Post Harvest Storage

Farmers on our platform enjoy access to solar-powered, refrigerated post-harvest storage, effectively minimizing wastage.


Through our strategic partnerships, farmers within our platform can make use of refrigerated trucks, guaranteeing the safe transport of both seeds and produce. This seamless logistics support covers the journey from the port to the farm, from the farm to the warehouse, and finally back to the port, ensuring the preservation of quality at every step.

Secured Offtake Agreements

Prior to planting, we establish purchase commitments and leverage our extensive network to assure farmers on our platform of guaranteed markets for their produce.

Traceable and quality assured produce

At UFarmX, we prioritize traceability and quality assurance throughout our agricultural processes. This means that every step, from seed to harvest, is meticulously monitored and documented. Our commitment to traceable and quality assured produce ensures transparency, safety, and satisfaction for both farmers and consumers.

Farmer Peer Network

Our platform cultivates a vibrant community where farmers find mutual support and accountability. Orchestrated by our dedicated in-house agents, this network offers farmers the strength of shared community and resources, fostering growth and success together.

Software Features

Collect and Aggregate Vital Data

Our software allows capturing of data including photos and gps coordinates, aggregated and shown on easy to read dashboards

AI Powered & Climate Smart Advisory

Empower analysis and decision making with our comprehensive suite ai powered insights that are environmentally sustainable and increases productivity.

Integrate Data With Other Online Systems

Flow Your Data Instantly And Continuously Into Databases, Like Microsoft Excel

Be Part of the Agricultural Evolution

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