Our Impact

UfarmX is committed to empowering smallholder farmers and has created opportunities beyond its platform to support local communities.

In 2019, UfarmX acquired 100 acres of land in Oyo State, Nigeria, implementing organic farming methods that produced successful harvests of soybean, cassava, and maize.

Since establishing the farm site, we have engaged, trained, and collected data on over 600 smallholder farmers in the region, promoting best farming practices for sustainability.

Farming Challenges

Lack of Access to Finance

There are roughly 921,550,714 farmers in Africa and less than 10% of them have access to finance. Leaving most farmers without funding for inputs resulting in low yields and little to no profits.

Lack of Access to Storage

Nigeria loses 3.5 trillion Naira from post-harvest loss due to improper storage and infrastructural issues.

Climate Change

Irregular rainfall patterns and rising temperatures have produced harsh conditions for crop production.

Lack of Traceability

Due to the lack of traceability systems, it is nearly impossible to identify the origin of food products in the event of food recalls.

Fragmented Markets and Lack of Price Transparency

Without access to visible market prices, farmers are often preyed upon and forced to sell their goods significantly below market value.


Farmers often cannot transport crops from farm to market and must rely on predatory transport services that bury their potential revenue in transport fees.

Our Solutions


Access to Finance

Through partnerships with our micro-investors, smallholder farmers can secure needed inputs to improve and increase yields.

Storage Facilities

Farmers found eligible for our platform will have access to post-harvest storage facilities provided by UfarmX.

Output Insurance

All inputs will be fully insured to promote climate resiliency and mitigate risk due to climate change.

Technology implementation

Blockchain technology will document the journey from farm to market for all harvests.

Offtake Partnership

Through offtaking partnerships and continuous market analysis focused on trends and fluctuations, we can secure the best deals for our farmers, compensating them above fair wage.


Through partnerships with local transport providers and UfarmX's in-house resources, farmers will be provided with logistical solutions.

Start farming today!